FLUID F 1: Federico Díaz

15. 2. – 22. 4. 2006

In one instant, millions of people see the same shapes, colours and motion, and hear the same sounds. In a single second they release emotional tsunami, full of joy and sorrow. A ritual cry uniting millions of people in a vibrating mass.
The technoceremony that is Formula 1 is charged with the fascinating speed of the touch of death and the fragility of life. The teamwork between drivers, technology, architects and scientists, all in a masterful ritual of absolute concentration that recalls a martial art.
Mind and body are the manifestation of a highly organised energy field, comprised of vibration, resonance, noise and ornament. I see in that vibration a profound, universal beauty that unites all the activities of mankind.
The rituals of sport have transformed the rhythm of the ceremonies of the original tribes, living in virgin nature. Prayers to the sun god have been replaced with prayers to Ferrari logos…

Federico Díaz